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South Africa

Hesper Engineering

Hesper Engineering offers a range of maintenance and repair services that cover your vessel from hull to engine, ensuring that it remains in Class at all times.

Specialising in on-site repairs, we can respond to emergency and breakdown situations; or can undertake planned maintenance as well as dry dock or conversion projects.

With a 40-year track record in marine engineering and accredited to ISO and TRACE standards, we have developed a reputation for offering safe and reliable turnkey engineering solutions for your vessel.
Our full range of services for the vessel owner covers propulsion and auxiliary systems as well as valve overhauls ranging from 25mm to 900 mm. All valves are stripped, machined and lapped as well as cleaned and inspected to ensure that they are within manufacturers’ tolerance before being put back into service.

Repair and maintenance

• Propulsion systems
• Controllable and fixed pitch propellers
• Stern tube seals
• Thrusters
• Hydraulic pitch controls
• Fin stabilisers
• Steering gears
• Voith Schneider propulsion systems
• Resin chocking

Auxiliary systems

• Marine gearbox
• Alternators and gearboxes
• Winches and windlasses
• Cranes and hoisting equipment

Valve overhaul

• Actuated valves
• Manually operated valves
• General sea valves
• Overboard valves
• Sea suction valves
• Intermediated valves
• Manifold valves

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