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The INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SHIP REPAIR AGENTS is a private organisation whose members have been carefully vetted before being offered membership. All members of IASA are professional Ship Repair Agents where the representation of Shipyards and Ship Repair Services forms their primary business.

Ship Owners & Managers

When dealing with one of our members you can be assured that they will act professionally and offer you the experience you need to find and deal with suitable repair facilities. They have sworn to comply to a Code of Ethics drawn up by the Association

Shipyard Agents

As a member you can proudly display the badge of honour that shows the industry your integrity and  commitment to offering a great service. Do you qualify? Contact us and we will tell you.

Shipyards & Repair Facilities

When dealing with one of our members you are guaranteed a dedicated & committed marketing force in their territory from a company that have your best interests at heart. We also offer our own approved Agency Agreement.

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