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Turkish Shipyard Representative

Although we most often work with our principals on an exclusive basis we believe that in the Turkey area we can bring our service to a higher level by cooperating with “Atlantis Marine Service Ltd.”. “Atlantis Marine Service Ltd.” is based in the Tuzla area and is a very well known player due to the fact that it is owned by Mr. Caner Ararat (Managing Director) and Mr. Cüneyt Niran (Technical Director). Caner Ararat studied to become a naval architect before he became director of GEMAK Shipyard (who also owns the new building yard TGE) for 18 years. Cüneyt Niran is a naval architect too, but also was Chief Engineer for many years before he founded his own repair company which is now renamed to Atlantis Marine Service Ltd.

Due to their background, but even more importantly, due to their experience, Atlantis Marine Service Ltd. speaks and understands the language of repair / conversion and new building. The relationships that Mr. Ararat has with almost every yard in the Tuzla and Yalova area gives us the opportunity to offer the best match between ship-owners and repair yards.

Because Mr. Ararat and Mr. Niran know all the shipyards in the area so well they were able to select the best yards for us, all specialised in their own field. Atlantis Marine Service Ltd. can find (based on size, scope, price, time and quality) the best partner. Next to this matchmaking we can also offer direct repairs, fully supported by “Atlantis Marine Service Ltd.”

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