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Ship repair yard representations

Holland Maritime Solutions hold exclusive and non exclusive contracts with SHIP REPAIR YARDS all around the world. We are involved in the sale, promotion and marketing of these representations and approach ship owners in the Benelux region in order to familiarize them with these services.


On the basis of our knowledge and experience we assist the owners in making the right choice for a ship repair yard.  For dry docking we have the contacts to ensure a fast solution at your desired location. We constantly examine the market and follow new developments.

We offer commercial representation services to shipyards worldwide.

• Drydocking and Ship Repairs
• Shipbuilding and Conversions
• Underwater Survey and Repairs


Agency Agreement

Holland Maritime Solutions has signed agency agreements with shipyards around the world. We are open to agree and sign a sales agency agreement with other premier shipyards worldwide upon request as exclusive sales agent.

Some Advantages of using Sales Representatives

  • Principals can enter a new market quickly and cost-effectively

  • The Representative brings his existing customer base

  • The Representative knows his territory and has his own established network

  • Lower and known selling costs

  • Representatives have local acceptance

  • Customers may also feel that it is easier to reach the local Representatives

  • Provide consultative selling and customer service

  • Representatives are paid for results, leading to a highly motivated sales force

Want to know more?

Ship Owners and Shipping Companies

We inventory ship owners and companies in the Benelux region on a daily basis, including their fleets and the locations of the ships worldwide. We work according to high quality standards and comply with the most up-to-date techniques for serving clients quickly and accurately. With our global network of more than 20 ship repair yards, there is almost always a yard to suit your maintenance needs.

By choosing us you choose a total concept. Obviously, you determine the extent to which you make use of this yourself. We offer everything as a custom solution and determine the approach in consultation with you.


The best quality and reliability standards are assured in all our represented yards. This ensures owners they can expect the best service possible.

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