MEC Panama

MEC has been a pioneer in ship repairs for almost 15 years and in 2013 added the Balboa Shipyard (now renamed MEC Shipyards) as its main asset and complemented it with the maritime auxiliary services in which the company was already one of the leaders in the industry. Such an accomplishment is not obtained without being at the forefront of innovations and MEC has continued aggressively on this aspect.

Since assuming the administration of the Yard, MEC has invested 12 million dollars in little over a year, modernizing a facility with impeccable location with top flight equipment. These new assets include:

• Three Potain Cranes with 12 TON lifting capacity (2 on rails, 1 fixed).

• Overhaul of two rail cranes with 50 and 30 TON lifting capacity, respectively.

• Mobile Crane of 120 TON lifting capacity.

• Mobile equipment from Caterpillar, which includes:

• Five Forklifts with 5 TON lifting capacity.

• Three Cherry Pickers with 18 meter reach.

• Two Telehandlers with 5 TON lifting capacity and 18 meter reach.

• Two Bobcat loaders.

• Two new Water Blasting machines of 40,000 PSI capacity.

• Fourteen Water Blasting machines of 8,000 PSI capacity.